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        国资委英文网站:Phu Yen 257MW PV Plant Project in Vietnam Passes Operational Tests
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          The booster station and the photovoltaic field of Phu Yen 257MW PV plant project in Vietnam passed operational tests on May 16 and 19, which made record fast to construct such project in the country to date.
            Located in Phu Yen, the installed capacity of the PV plant is 257MW. The plant will efficiently optimize electric power structure in Vietnam and relieve power shortages in southern Vietnam as its completion.
          It will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.
          The project was generally contracted by Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (Energy China Group).  
          Another two affiliated companies of Energy China Group - Anhui No 1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd and No 2 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd - participated in the project.
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